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I am very lucky to live in a meteorologically and geologically boring place of the world. We rarely have earthquakes, and if we do, they’re usually minor. There are no volcanos, we don’t get hurricanes, and I don’t even live …

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Apparently Chuck didn’t catch on that the US government isn’t shut down anymore. But if they keep fighting the way they currently are, he might actually need to help out the ATC controllers after all. We originally had a different …

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As this controversial series is coming to an end, Chuck basically proved to himself and us that not every animal is cut out to be an Emotional Support Animal. Besides having heartburn with the fact that some people are abusing …

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Whoops! Sorry for the late update everyone! I was entrenched in some garden construction work, didn’t get into my office, and totally spaced that I was supposed to upload a comic today. Well, here you go!

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