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Something healthy

It’s a scientific fact, that a healthy diet doesn’t reduce your risk of dying at all. Also, what would life be like without pizza? Right? Case closed. Although I have to say that, the older I get, the more I

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Moody Hans

When I’m hungry, I can turn really, really grumpy. So I feel for Hans in this strip! Anyway, I think “going on a diet” is the wrong approach anyway. The best thing is to “change” your diet. It’s amazing what

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Good decisions while flying

“Pilots with lots of gas make good decisions!” As a pilot and flight instructor I really like that phrase, and it was actually only last summer that I heard it for the first time. The other captain I flew with

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Second best part of the air show

Nobody can tell me we haven’t all been there before! I am certainly guilty and learned many lessons like this the hard way, sometimes over and over. I guess I’m not a quick study. It almost looks like Nobu is

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