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Maintenance emergency

AOG is a bad word in aviation nobody likes to hear or read anywhere. It is an abbreviation and stands for “Aircraft on Ground” which indicates there is an issue with the aircraft serious enough to prevent it from flying.

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Something healthy

It’s a scientific fact, that a healthy diet doesn’t reduce your risk of dying at all. Also, what would life be like without pizza? Right? Case closed. Although I have to say that, the older I get, the more I

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Moody Hans

When I’m hungry, I can turn really, really grumpy. So I feel for Hans in this strip! Anyway, I think “going on a diet” is the wrong approach anyway. The best thing is to “change” your diet. It’s amazing what

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Good decisions while flying

“Pilots with lots of gas make good decisions!” As a pilot and flight instructor I really like that phrase, and it was actually only last summer that I heard it for the first time. The other captain I flew with

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