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Really good tie-down

It is funny how you sometimes fail to see the simplest solution. I have done something similar before. We landed a helicopter in Reno with some special equipment on it that kept it from being moved with a tug. Not

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Close the hangar doors

‘Twas pretty windy here too recently. Although , fortunately, I don’t own an APU that could be blocking my door! On the other hand, I know exactly how Julio feels about the wind blowing all his paperwork away. My drawing

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No flying today

During AirVenture 2012 we were up on the balcony to give an interview for EAA radio when this massive storm suddenly came rolling through. Everybody got wet, the airshow got cancelled. Umbrellas, tents, little kids, and a cat or two

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Tornado coming this way

I don’t know why this is, but there are quite a few designs out there in this world, of cars, planes, buildings, or objects of any kind really, that look much better in real life than as a line drawing

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