Really good tie-down

It is funny how you sometimes fail to see the simplest solution. I have done something similar before. We landed a helicopter in Reno with some special equipment on it that kept it from being moved with a tug. Not wanting to remove and re-install it, we opted for tying down the aircraft really well (at below freezing temperatures, btw) which took a while. Then we had to take them all off again the next morning. Everything was frozen. We had to rent a “Herman Nelson” heater to heat up the gearboxes, and so forth… It ended up taking us way more time than simply taking the equipment off and putting the aircraft in a hangar.

Lesson learned.

It really wasn’t funny at the time but it eventually worked its way into a Chicken Wings strip. Sometimes it takes me a few days (sometimes weeks) to see the humor in what is currently happening to me. But when I do, it usually works out for Chuck and the gang 😉

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4 comments on “Really good tie-down
  1. Nigvi says:

    HAHAHA this gave me a really good laugh! Great stuff as usual – keep up the good work guys! 🙂

  2. Kristian Fahlstrøm says:

    I like to se the Chicken Wings and real life in opposite order. Standing there in the cold, thinking this was not so smart, You know, this is a real “Chuck moment”, material for a new stip.
    Dear fellow fly-men, next time you experience a “Chuck moment”, tip the authors so we all can have a good laugh, and secretly think – that could have happened to me.

  3. kkrummy says:

    It’s always easier to wipe the bugs off the plane right after a flight than if you wait a few days. Add that to lessons learned over the course of 30 years of flying.

  4. I may not be a pilot but I do that literally all the time and then some.

    Need to get into the garage but the door’s locked? Go find the remote for the automatic door, leave the fence and go around the back of it, go get the thing, close the door, and realize the key to the closer door was right next to the remote.

    For a final I have to build a game in Javascript very similar to a Python game I already did? Don’t bother translating, redesign it from scratch.


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