Government Shutdown

Apparently Chuck didn’t catch on that the US government isn’t shut down anymore. But if they keep fighting the way they currently are, he might actually need to help out the ATC controllers after all. We originally had a different strip planned about the subject but the situation changed in the meantime. The obvious choice when it comes to Chuck and government shut downs would be that the FAA isn’t at work either. That of course will give Chuck the feeling of being a free range chicken.

But since this seems to be a somewhat regular occurrence here lately, we have already drawn strips about the FAA not working. I hope the feds stays open long enough so that I can get my CFI license renewed. I filed for the whole renewal process a few weeks before Christmas and have not heard from them since. Not sure what would happen if the FAA just didn’t send a new license due to the shut down woes …

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3 comments on “Government Shutdown
  1. J Z says:

    Hello, I’m a long-time reader, and only commenting because I suspect that many of your readers may have similar issues. Here’s an article from AOPA that you may be interested in:

    Safe flying.

  2. mike says:

    Thanks for the link, JZ !!
    That’s exactly what I was looking for!

    Good stuff….

  3. J Z says:

    Always glad to help out a fellow pilot, and I hope it worked out well for you. I wonder, however, what would happen if your feathered counterparts did not get that memo…

    On the off-chance that either of you is a designated _______ (sorry, designated drivers not included), here’s something else that came out from the AOPA earlier today:

    As always, safe flying.

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