5 comments on “The microwave is AOG
  1. Bruce Bergman says:

    Hans, don’t you have a BBQ Grill out back? And if not, Why Not?

    You have to put it on the opposite side of the building from Julio’s Flammable Storage Shed and the Fuel Truck parking space, but that’s easy enough. The hard part is the “Chuck Alarm” so you don’t go inside for one minute and come back to an empty grill.

  2. Fbs says:

    The situation is bad but not desesperate. Take some safety wire and fasten the bratwurst to the exhaust stack of the cessna, let the engine run for 10 minutes, and it should be well done…or faster : take a small bucket, pour in it some 100LL out of the cessna using the drain, put the bratwurst into it, and also a lighted match, and it should be ready in seconds (with carcinogen lead added…)

  3. Johsua says:

    The mechanic and owner can’t agree on the problem. That is always the wurst.

  4. KenH says:

    How’s about set Hansie on fire? That’ll warm it up

  5. markm says:

    Send Sally to Walmart with $35 for a new microwave. It’s much cheaper than getting a certified aviation mechanic involved.

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