Moody Hans

When I’m hungry, I can turn really, really grumpy. So I feel for Hans in this strip! Anyway, I think “going on a diet” is the wrong approach anyway. The best thing is to “change” your diet. It’s amazing what bad habits you can develop over time. But that’s a long discussion for another time.

I wanted to give everybody a quick reminder that I will be at the Comic Con Austria in Linz this weekend! It’d be great if anybody would come and visit me there! I’ll be sitting at an artist table, probably also on a special diet, namely coffee and chocolate bars.

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6 comments on “Moody Hans
  1. Vinney says:

    Nice Office Space reference there.

  2. mike says:

    Thanks for catching that, Vinney. It’s one of our favorite movies. That being said, I used to laugh about the movie a lot more BEFORE I started working for a big corporation. Now I’m dealing with many many new cover sheets for the TPS reports myself….

  3. Tampa says:

    Hans there is a difference between ‘diet’ and ‘starving’, latter gets you rather cranky. Go eat a snickers!

  4. Jean Loup says:

    I get up grumpier than Hans before my morning coffee!!

  5. Joshua says:

    Oh, thats why my boss is always moody, i get it now.

  6. L says:

    Was the stapler red, by any chance?
    I agree, great subtle reference. 🙂

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