Avgas barrels

We couldn’t resist to have Chuck need even more clarification on the subject. But, hey! It’s for aviation safety! I hope all of you have learned a little something with the last two strips. I am sure you all have also heard the old saying “You can never have too much fuel on board … unless you’re on fire”.

There are probably even more sayings about the subject. Feel free to post them underneath.

Also, I think it’s great to see that Chuck hasn’t given up on his Corsair project yet. If there is one thing you can NOT say about Chuck, it is that he gives up easily.

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5 comments on “Avgas barrels
  1. Quill says:

    There’s actually another situation other than being on fire that it’s possible to have “too much” fuel, one I’d imagine is a lot more common. The problem that fuel is heavy, there are circumstances that the extra weight of full fuel can be bad, such as if a multiengine aircraft looses an engine and can’t maintain altitude while that heavy. Or many large aircraft can’t land with as much weight as they can take off with, so if they unexpectedly need to land shortly after takeoff they have to dump fuel. The fact that said aircraft are equipped to dump their fuel indicates that it’s far from unheard of to have too much fuel on board. Also, in regards to Chuck stockpiling gas for his Corsair – he might be able to do a brief taxi test on the amount shown in the picture!

  2. Quill says:

    Does avgas have a shelf life? I seem to remember it being like 10 years or so. If so, I’d probably not want to use that fuel by the time the Corsair is done, it’ll be totally stale!

  3. Florian says:

    The least useable things in aviation are the runway behind you, the altitude above you and the fuel you left on the ground.

    Who has more common wisdoms?

  4. Jim Hammond says:

    Never fly the “A” model of anything.

  5. Magnus Danielson says:

    Avgas always makes me jiggle, as in swedish that means the exhaust fumes. Storing up the exhaust fumes on barrels is kind of amusing and not very useful at all. Aviation Gasoline is the intended meaning, and just gas becomes a bit wrong too. Ah well, some terms just don’t survive untranslated.

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