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Jan 10Angel flying low
Jan 14I dropped something
Jan 17Exciting and adventurous flight
Jan 21Who’s the owner?
Jan 24Really close with the owner
Jan 28At the self serve pump
Feb 11Snow chains
Feb 18Meeting a great pilot
Feb 25Airbus Helicopters
Mar 4Airline food research
Mar 7Navajo conversion
Mar 11A bad sign
Mar 14Not so bad
Mar 25Good luck
Apr 1Theme music
Apr 4Investment strategies
Apr 8Coffee hog
Apr 15Dent in the propeller
Apr 22Oil temperature gauge
Apr 25Tapping the gauge again
May 2Success
May 6I didn’t hear you!
May 9A table for ten
May 13Airplane comparison
May 16Date debriefing
May 27Well prepared
Jun 10IFR hood
Jun 13IFR hood II
Jun 24Canine encounter
Jun 27Annual in June
Jul 1Independence Day BBQ
Jul 4Hard to kindle
Jul 8Keep the fire burning
Jul 11Tornado coming this way
Jul 18Snowily challenged
Jul 22Baggage handlers
Jul 25Wingwalking
Jul 29Camping with friends
Aug 1Grilling a hotdog
Aug 5Put out the fire
Aug 8Made in China
Aug 12Meditation
Aug 15Meditation II
Aug 29Ice bucket challenge
Sep 2No flying today
Sep 5Special tools
Sep 12Out of duty time
Sep 16Out of duty time II
Sep 19Stuff in clouds
Sep 23Star Wars movie quotes
Sep 26Don’t push that!
Sep 30Show me your safety manual
Oct 3Top Gun quotes
Oct 7Going full MacGyver
Oct 14Extra funds
Oct 17Where did you find the extra money?
Oct 21Motivational speaker
Oct 24Do opposites attract?
Nov 4Not the tools you’re looking for
Nov 11Flying level
Nov 18Bad timing
Nov 21Helicopter checkride
Nov 25Playing cards
Nov 28Be prepared
Dec 2Is this a Chance Vought F4U Corsair?
Dec 9Squawk 0214
Dec 16Christmas tree
Dec 19Move the tree
Dec 23Cut it down!
Dec 30Smooth engine