Put out the fire

Well, Oshkosh is over! How was it? Did everybody make it home okay? In the meantime, our Oshkosh strips continue for a little while longer. It sure seems Chuck is getting quite his share of barbecue experience this year! And I mean that in both the active and passive sense, barbecuing and being barbecued.

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10 comments on “Put out the fire
  1. Tyrael says:

    Well Chuck is really pushing his Nomination for Darwin Award if he is putting Avgas into a beverage bottle without proper labelling – though he would not be the first to win the Award by doing so…

  2. KenH says:

    Artistic mercy

    They both should be crispy critters and their plane in flames…

  3. FlyingAce says:

    Talk about roasted chicken! 😛

  4. Fbs says:

    Wisconsin Fried Chicken ?

  5. Allstar says:

    You’re telling me a good mechanic like Julio can’t tell water from avgas?

  6. Awesome says:

    I am surprised nobody has pointed out that AvGas is red.

  7. mike says:

    Guys! It was dark! How is Julio supposed to know Chuck put Avgas in a water bottle?
    And the last time I flew a piston aircraft in the States, the Avgas was light blue. It actually comes in all kind of different blues, some more pronounced than others I have found in my aviation career so far. It’s supposed to make a blue outline of a fuel stain so you can see if you have a leak.

  8. Awesome says:

    Oh poop, you’re right. I think it’s Agricultural Diesel that’s red.

  9. Jeff says:

    Do they still sell 80 octane anywhere? That was Red, 100LL Blue

  10. Delta Echo says:

    That crispy feeling isn’t from the fire, Chuck, it’s from Julio’s stare…

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