Made in China

Seems like Chuck is finally taking the camping rules to heart!

And in my neck of the woods, we have finally had a few decent summer days in a row! I even managed to fire up my barbecue yesterday evening. Although I have to confess that, since I only barbecue maybe once or twice a year, I am not a master fire builder. Once or twice it was suggested that I pour some Avgas over it. I wonder where that stupid idea came from!

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2 comments on “Made in China
  1. RG2Cents says:

    Heheheheheheheh! Technicalities seem to be the bane of anything fun…

  2. DocSavage says:

    I remember someone pouring Coleman fuel on an extinguished campfire while camping once. A low fog like cloud rolled out from the spot. There was an immediate spontaneous tryout for the Olympic backwards broad jump event when the cloud ignited.

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