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Ohmmmmm… Will Chuck become a yogi? I wonder how long he would be able to sit still and be silent! And if the corresponding physical quantity to Volt is called Voltage, why isn’t the corresponding quantity to Ohm called Ohmage?

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Made in China

Seems like Chuck is finally taking the camping rules to heart! And in my neck of the woods, we have finally had a few decent summer days in a row! I even managed to fire up my barbecue yesterday evening.

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Put out the fire

Well, Oshkosh is over! How was it? Did everybody make it home okay? In the meantime, our Oshkosh strips continue for a little while longer. It sure seems Chuck is getting quite his share of barbecue experience this year! And

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Grilling a hotdog

What could be more romantic than sitting around a campfire at night, maybe grilling a hotdog or a marshmallow, chatting and philosophizing with friends … Maybe somebody even brought a guitar who doesn’t play Wonderwall or try to hit on

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