Not so bad

I think this applies to 95% of all jobs that can be considered “not so bad”. Of course, then there are also the jobs that fall into different categories, such as either “bad”, where you’re probably surveilled all the time, or it is immediately apparent if you’ve been slacking, or, on the other hand, “awesome”, where you don’t mind to be working at all, because it’s fun and/or challenging and fulfilling. So, which category does apply to your job?

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5 comments on “Not so bad
  1. Larry Stewart says:

    Have you heard about the “Aircam”? This is a really neat video — and I want one of these real bad.

    …from Ottawa, Canada

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    My best job was fueling at New Orleans for the now bought out GAC.
    Where else could the owner and manager walk in on you playing on your computer and other guys playing on a Nintendo and have them not bat an eye?
    We worked a 12 hour shift (there were two “normal” shifts but we only ever seemed to have one guy so the morning one was chronically in need of filling) that was for 7 days straight, Monday through Sunday, except the overnight shift which started Sunday night at 19:00. At the time, we had 60 flights to fuel. Adding all the actual work with the flights you fueled, going to the Fuel Farm to top your truck, the day shift work was less than an hour of physical labor at the worst and most of your time was standing looking at a set of gauges and resetting the deadman when it timed out, with one shift having nearly a two hour break where no plane was scheduled (conveniently right around the middle of that shift), but you did need to keep an ear and eye open for one of the others having an issue, or weather somewhere causing back ups. Fueling Southwest Airlines helped make it easier too … the other airlines are more of a hassle to do.
    Then we got bought out.
    Rotten management moves, and I got away before it went pear shaped.
    When I left we were ranked Number 1 in the system, with no at fault delays over a 6 month period, and by the end of the year, they were ranked in the bottom quarter.
    I knew it was a bad sign when SWA’s first response to the buy-out was “We’ll just cancel the contract now and save the trouble”.

  3. JP Kalishek says:

    oh. I forgot to mention that while we worked a 7 day week, we were then off for 7 days. Weeks vacation every other week!. Add 40 hours of Vacation time and you needed retraining by the time you got back to work. I was due to up to 60 hours but the buy-out was going to stop that, 7 on 7 off 80hrs straight pay, 4hrs O.T., and holidays were also Time and a Half, my shift was almost always on a holiday week, so I had some nice pay.

  4. mike says:

    Never heard of an AirCam but now I want one!

  5. JP Kalishek says:

    Just don’t let Jack Roush fly your Aircam. (that was what he hit power lines with and landed upside down in a pond).

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