A bad sign

Talking about seeing signs, do any of you (who are old enough, I guess) remember that song “I saw the sign” from Ace of Base? There you go, now you have a stupid song in your head for the rest of the day! You’re welcome!

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7 comments on “A bad sign
  1. v says:

    It’s not stupid!

  2. yuhas13 says:

    Now THAT was uncalled for!

  3. Deathknyte says:

    I like that song.

  4. csaba says:

    In the best of US’an correct language, shouldn’t that read “It might well indicate we are going against the traffic pattern” ? Which, of course, would only increase the _gulp_ if Chuck has at least that modicum of eddication.

  5. Awesome says:

    I see the avatars are still wonky. 😛

    When I was a student, I had a hard time learning what altitude I was supposed to be at when flying on certain headings. I enjoyed flying a LOT, but hated that I had to learn so many rules.

    I blew my chance though, and am no longer a pilot. Made some bad life decisions.

  6. FTL says:

    Stef, you are a cruel man… that song has now been in my brain for 6 hours!

    Time to pull out the ol’ “Bohemian Rhapsody” to get that earworm out! 😉

  7. Speedsix says:

    Reminds me of that old joke:
    Son: “Look daddy, there´s another wrong way driver!”
    Father:” “One? Hundreds of them!”

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