3 comments on “Special tools
  1. Catapult says:

    Garage sales provide the same supplies, though with more variety. I remember Linus’ little brother in Peanuts found that a library-bound copy of “Anna Karenina” (unabridged) was also an effective attention-getter.

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    I knew a mechanic who had a drawer full of cheaper tools (his box was full of Snap-On, these were mostly Craftsman). They were not for throwing, though. They were all modified for certain jobs, and then stashed into that one drawer for just in case that came about again, or as sometimes happened, would work for another situation.
    He sometimes would pull one out and bang it on the work bench to vent some frustration though. No one was insane enough to mess with his lunch, so none was used like Julio’s as punctuation of a point (~_^).

  3. Speedsix says:

    As a cardboard modeler, I usually have a pair of really cheap scissors on my building table. They are called “safety scissors” because my family grabs just these when searching for a tool to cut something and because of them my really good tools are (fairly!) safe from them. 😀

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