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  1. Catapult says:


    The closest I ever came to a boss this dumb was the General Manager at a major hotel in New York. He thought that various equipment standing around the lobby (mostly baggage carts) was unsightly, and wanted it out of sight – in the fire stairways. After being issued several summonses, he told the fire marshal that he was willing to pay the $2000/week maximum fine. The fire marshal then informed him that the next step was to revoke the certificate of occupancy. The carts went back to their old convenient unsightly locations.

    This was before our major fire, but that particular GM was long gone by then.

  2. csaba says:

    what’s “osha rules” ??

  3. stef says:

    Argh! I wonder if I some day figure out why wordpress shows our avatars for other people!!

    Anyway, csaba, OSHA stands for “Occupational Safety and Health Administration”. It’s the US government body for workplace safety.

  4. csaba says:

    just a tiny bit US-centric, aren’t you?
    btw if you can explain how to set my own avatar i’ll be glad to do so

  5. ryan says:

    We have something similar here in Australia. The OHS or OH&S part is pretty universal.

    Julio should remove the snow chains from Han’s car and tell him to use a packet of salt, it is cheaper! Hans would probably just eat it though.

  6. reynard61 says:

    Hans could always try these.

    (From this rather interesting website.)

  7. Awesome says:

    Csaba, considering that the US has more pilots per capita, I am not surprised. Aviation is far more expensive in most countries than it is here.

  8. stef says:

    @reynard: Haha! Wow! They really built that! I wonder why it didn’t catch on!

    @csaba: It depends on your definition of “US-centric”. The setting of this comic strip is in the US, and so it’s only logical that Chuck & Co have to deal with the FAA, IRS, OSHA etc. and not the German LBA, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs or the Japanese 厚生労働省.

    About the avatars: I’ve set a default avatar (which you can see next to ryan’s post), which, for some unfathomable reason is only used for 4 out of 5 people without avatars, and Mike’s or mine for the rest. If you want your own avatar, you’d need to set one up at http://www.gravatar.com

  9. JKelley says:

    Under OSHA regs, it’s actually sometimes /encouraged/ – under the rubric of “workplace safety.”

    (Read: When the boss suggest something that flies in the face of both workplace safety AND common sense, swatting him with a clipboard is /totally/ an option – and encouraged.)

    Sadly, such regulations fall just short of making a swat MANDATORY in those situations. Bloody limp-wristed government…

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