At the self serve pump

The world would be a much better place if people would listen more to each other, wouldn’t it? And that’s all I can think up for today’s blog, because I just downed a huge mug of coffee and have tons of things I want to do right now! Ah! Hyperactivity! Need to make use of it while it lasts! Cheers!

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7 comments on “At the self serve pump
  1. rwill says:

    That’s me in the last panel a ways back. A guy wanted his 210 washed and waxed, so I did, and taxied it onto the ramp by the office, and then went in to write up the bill before taking it out to the tiedowns. While doing that a breeze came up, and having forgotten to set the parking brake, there goes this 210 across the ramp with me running after it. Luckily it wasn’t moving very fast and only went about 10 feet before I caught it.

  2. mike says:

    This strip was invented out of a similar situation when my buddy and I were flying the Chickenhawk together. Nobody was giving instruction like Chuck is in the strip but we were talking and “somebody” didn’t set the brake and/or kicked it getting out of the plane. We may never know exactly what happened. But it wasn’t quite as exciting in real life. The plane rolled a few feet backwards, just enough for the fuel hose not to reach anymore and enough to spark the idea for a new strip in my head.
    And since nothing got dinged, we remained friends to this day…

  3. RG2Cents says:

    Ah, the ‘vehicle on the loose’ is scarier than any horror movie put out. (probably because it’s real life).

  4. reynard61 says:

    Oh Chuck. *So* Chuck…

    (I hope Julio doesn’t find out or he’ll be ground(ed) Chuck.)

  5. Thisguy says:

    I doubt Jason would be entirely free of blame if it were to come to an official investigation (if for instance the plane were to roll onto the active runway, causing a runway incursion incident)

    A clear and unambiguous “Chuck, you left the parking brake off!” would be a lot better in this situation. Or (as I’ve done myself when someone forgot the chocks and was about to walk off) sigh loudly and do it yourself.

    Safety in aviation is a team effort. It’s often a chain of events leading to an incident, each link being able to prevent an incident.

    (In my experience one tends to be even more aware of this as a glider pilot, as a normal start already involves several people. Each of which can cause or prevent disaster)

    That said, I SO recognize the ease with which a simple mistake can cause problems. And the futile attempts at warning some of the thicker craniumed individuals of those mistakes.

  6. csaba says:

    Huh, I just saw a discussion on the subject, on one of the better GA forums (even if it is Euro-centric…) Consensus seems to be you do NOT apply the hand-brake!

  7. Keps says:

    Um. Totally wrong.
    Parking brake must NOT be set, so you can quickly push the plane away if something goes wrong.
    Ref CAO
    4.1.2 Where the fuelling equipment is not mobile, the aircraft shall be so placed that it can be rapidly moved to a place of safety, and a means of ensuring that this can be done shall be readily available.
    These are Aussie regs. Maybe it’s different overseas

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