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And the mug goes to …

William Vergonet! (Boy, I hope I spelled that right)

Thanks for playing, guys! We’ll have another contest soon. I think it’s great that a mechanic won the Julio mug! The runner up and winner of the CW book is Adam Jacobs. Please write us a PM or email with your address and we’ll have the prize to you in no-time!

Speaking of Julio, this is another of my favorite strips because it’s very relate-able and I may or may not have lived this moment in my aviation career (strongly leaning towards “may”).

People who know me know that I used a Muppet Show ring tone for certain individuals and a company I used to work for. We also used to listen to music while working with Panaca Jane and even had dedicated playlists for going to a fire, returning to base, or recons for example.
Of course Chuck, being the aviation movie fanatic that he is, has to play “Ride of the Valkyries” every time he goes out flying the helicopter. I’m guessing it’s followed by “Fortunate Son” and “Paint it Black”….

Which songs do you guys think are on his Fixed Wing playlist?

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15 comments on “Theme music
  1. charlie says:

    Evanescence – Bring Me To Life
    got to youtube and type in ‘swiss air force evanescence’ and turn up the volume

  2. William Vergonet says:

    Just wanted to say Thanks!
    Am a huge fan, this is going to be great addition to my Chicken Wings Collection!

  3. Mark says:

    Treetop Flyer for sure

  4. Deathknyte says:

    Danger Zone considering his and Julio’s love of Top Gun.

  5. mike says:

    Of course “Danger Zone” would be on top of the list! 😉
    I bet it’s followed by “Mighty Wings”, and “Iron Eagle” and that song from the movie “Office Space” ….what is it called? “Damn it feel goo to be a gangster!” HAHA

  6. reynard61 says:

    How could *any* pilot worth his wings (feather *or* silver) not have the theme to the show 12 O’Clock High on his playlist?

  7. FTL says:

    Hmmm… a few come to mind….

    Jet Airliner, Steve Miller Band
    Come Fly With Me By Frank Sinatra
    Learning to Fly – Pink Floyd
    Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines
    The Battle of Britain dogfight music…. Sir William Walton(?)
    Flight of the Bumble Bee
    Dreams – Van Halen

    Left Field – A320 and Learn to Flyby The Foo Fighters, Aces High – Iron Maiden

    Too many to choose from….

  8. reynard61 says:

    “The Battle of Britain dogfight music…. Sir William Walton(?)”

    Better known as “The Battle in the Air“. (Music begins at 1:21) Actually, Walton composed and recorded an entire score for the film (available on the current CD and DVD reissues), but the studio decided to throw it out and have Ron Goodwin compose a new one. “Battle in the Air” only remained in the movie because Sir Lawrence Olivier (who played Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding) threatened to have his name removed if it wasn’t restored.

  9. FTL says:

    G’day Reynard61… That was why the question mark was there…. I was unsure of the title and sort of sure on who actually composed it… glad that someone else actually had any idea of what I was waffling on about!

  10. Denton says:

    “Breakout” by the Foo Fighters
    “Wheels” Foo Fighters
    “Fly” P.O.D.
    “Into the Blue” Bush
    “Sail” Awolnation

    And everything by Dos Gringos

  11. Yawnitz says:

    I’m betting Chuck has more than a few Bon Jovi hits on there.

  12. mike says:

    HA! Very good, Yawnitz!
    “Living on a prayer” is definitely on there. See here:
    Woohoo! Livin’ on a prayer!

  13. Kraig Krumm says:

    How about the theme from the Greatest American Hero “Believe it or not”

  14. Kraig Krumm says:

    I used to fly my aerobatic routine to Van Halen’s “Dreams” Higher and Higher…..

  15. reynard61 says:

    Well, “The Battle of Britain” was one of my favorite war movies growing up. (Although I was never a fan of the Susannah York segments. They always felt tacked on so that it would bring in a female audience. And more than a few critics seem to agree with me.)

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