Investment strategies

First off: I will be at the AERO in Friedrichshafen next week, and will be signing books at the Fliegermagazin booth on Friday 11th from 11:00 to 13:00. Actually, it’s bigger than a booth, because they have a huge area for themselves in the middle of hall A5 (A5-325), so it’s really easy to find. Hope  to see some of you there! Even if you already have all our books, just stop by to say hi!

About todays strip: All the non-American readers among you might pause and wonder if we misspelled aluminium. Well, no one knows exactly where the fine line between misspelling something or spelling something the American way is exactly, but in this case it is perfectly fine American spelling. “Nucular” is still wrong though. 🙂

It seems Hans really has his ears on the ground when it comes to investment. He probably should read a bit further into the subject of Bitcoin before investing more money in it though. By the way, we’re accepting Bitcoin in our online shops! We only had one order paid that way so far, but, as Hans said, it is important to go with the times. I am pretty sure that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and it feels exciting to witness their birth. It’s like being there at the beginning of the internet, although it is probably a long way before those things are as stable, easy to use and widely accepted as e.g. email.

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11 comments on “Investment strategies
  1. Hello Stefan,
    You will be there only on Friday? Gary Clark will be there as well, signing his Books, and I will arrive Friday afternoon, to stay the whole Saturday.
    Perhaps we will meet…
    Martin Leeuwis

  2. stef says:

    Awesome! How about going out for dinner on Friday? I’m bringing my wife and kid too (not to the show, but to Friedrichshafen).

  3. Deal, I will try to reach Gary. Email is coming….

  4. ryan says:

    What about Dogecoin?

  5. stef says:

    Don’t know enough about Dogecoin to have an opinion, but it sure looks like the funniest currency out there!

  6. mike says:

    Boy! How awesome would it be if Stef, Martin and Gary can meet! A meeting of the aviation funny-man titans! I hope Stef gets to meet Gary!! Who knows what all can come from those two artists brainstorming together!!
    Kinda jealous now I’m not going to AERO….

  7. Awesome says:

    Stef, “Nucular” and “Nuclear” are two different words that describe two completely unrelated things. 😛

    I will admit that I often got them confused before learning the difference. People used to look at me funny when I described a “nucular” bomb.

  8. Stef, you have an email with all details. Gary is now en route from Australia to Switzerland, so unreachable to a while. But board meeting of Union of Aviation Humour Publishers will be possible.

  9. reader says:

    Sorry for being off today’s strip topic, but do you know your strip page has been created on “TV Tropes” wiki? Here it is:

  10. stef says:

    Wow!! Our own TV Tropes article! 😀 We are honored and humbled! This is great! And it is really well researched and written. Must have been a real fan at work here!

  11. Ryan says:

    Nucular is not a word, it is a metathetic form of nuclear. Essentially a mispronunciation.

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