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Jan 2Tank half empty
Jan 6Are we there yet?
Jan 9You look beat
Jan 14Three for the price of one
Jan 16Minimum equipment list
Jan 20Chuck pulled the trigger
Jan 23Hangar plans
Jan 27The Money Pit
Jan 30Hangar del Chuck
Feb 3How about a compromise?
Feb 6What are you working on?
Feb 10Power outage
Feb 13Historical research
Feb 17Waiting for pushback
Feb 20Helicopter logbooks
Feb 24Turn left on Delta
Feb 27In the loop
Mar 3Let’s sit in that helicopter!
Mar 6I’ll make myself a sandwich
Mar 10Ubergrossenbacher Enterprises
Mar 13Pretty lame
Mar 17GoPro camera
Mar 20Call Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
Mar 24Pilot superstitions
Mar 27Chicken Wings Classic – Squawk 0106
Mar 31Difficult instructions
Apr 3Window shopping
Apr 7Talking about the weather
Apr 10Chuck giving directions
Apr 14Close the hangar doors
Apr 17Building my own RV
Apr 21Building an RV II
Apr 24A tempting offer
Apr 28What RV?
May 1Predator drone
May 5Really good tie-down
May 8Which one is yours?
May 12Should I get a weather briefing?
May 15What do you really want?
May 19Film crew
May 22The chopper-dude
May 26A Magnum P.I. chopper
May 29Why the jacket?
Jun 2How was the flight?
Jun 5Expired fire extinguisher
Jun 9Paying for quality
Jun 12Julio’s accident
Jun 16Dress for success
Jun 19Please let me fly your plane
Jun 23The fan isn’t working
Jun 26Julio’s parts room security
Jun 30A little nervous
Jul 3Los Angeles Ground instructions
Jul 7A new challenge
Jul 10Challenging environment
Jul 14Password protection
Jul 17Locked computer
Jul 21Oshkosh control tower
Jul 24Swiss Cheese model
Jul 28Holes in the theory
Jul 31Chuck practicing his balance
Aug 4Busted out window
Aug 7Amended clearance
Aug 11Bi-annual routine pilot swap
Aug 14Pilot swap II
Aug 18Buying an airplane
Aug 21Olfactory assault
Aug 25Mobile clear glass whiteboard
Aug 28Stupid glass board
Sep 1Turn right and descend
Sep 4Wrenching is hard work
Sep 8A lot of work
Sep 11Chicken Wings Classic – What’s your type?
Sep 15Keeping up with the competition
Sep 18Reno air races front row
Sep 22Going to Miramar
Sep 25Driving to the air show
Sep 29Driving to Miramar II
Oct 2Second best part of the air show
Oct 6Cleaning the hangar
Oct 9Just go and leave
Oct 13I’ll be right there!
Oct 16Repainting the hangar
Oct 20A solidarity thing
Oct 23Doomed
Oct 27Roost Air Customer Lounge
Oct 30Borrowed Halloween costume
Nov 3Float plane rating
Nov 6Chuck has retired
Nov 10Sky Uber
Nov 13Chicken Wings Classic – VFR on top
Nov 17RC helicopter simulator
Nov 20Think first
Nov 24Rule number one
Nov 27After the checkride
Dec 1The forces in aviation
Dec 4Janet Airlines is hiring
Dec 8Elf on a shelf
Dec 11Advent calendar
Dec 15Yearly evaluation
Dec 18Call the tower
Dec 22The corsair is finished
Dec 25A little something for Christmas
Dec 29The terrible two