Chuck has retired

Chuck Aaron

Chuck Aaron and the “Capt. Chuck” sticker on his helicopter

Chuck Aaron has officially retired from flying helicopter aerobatics with Red Bull. We have watched him from day one, before the helicopter was painted like a Red Bull can, and from the time he first put that program together. Chuck and I have been friends for many years and I remember helping him with translating the description of the aerobatic maneuvers from German into English in the very beginning so he can present his idea to the FAA. Helicopters had never been looped before in the States and the Germans were the only ones brave enough to do this with the BO-105 which was actually designed to do aerobatic training for their helicopter pilots. Of course Chuck being Chuck took what was a fairly simple training program and took it to a whole new level adding a lot of his own touch and maneuvers. It was a great show I always enjoyed watching and I am sad to see it end.

However the Chuck I know won’t just retire quietly and fade away. I am sure you’ll see him doing something else crazy or funny or impressive here pretty soon. Am I the only one who sees a few character traits that are similar to our own Chuck? Also, did you guys know his helicopters all had a little “Captain Chuck” decal on the pilot door?

Mike Strasser - Chuck Aaron - Sergei Sikorsky

Mike having drinks with helicopter royalty Sergei Sikorsky and Chuck Aaron – Oshkosh 2011

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3 comments on “Chuck has retired
  1. Trantor says:

    Um, yeah, to be proud on one´s own nation engineering skills is fine, but honour to whom honor is due, and that is Harold Thompson, who looped a Sikorsky S-52 in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1949… ;-))
    But yes, the BO-105 actually was intended to loop, unlike all other helicopters before.
    And – without this remarkable machine i would not be typing this comment here: It was ADAC Air Recues “Christoph 25”, that saved my life around 28 years ago after a car crash. Without it i wouldn´t have made into ER in time.
    Three cheers to all the helicopter pilots in the world!

  2. JAH says:

    I have the same admiration for both helicopters and their pilots; they got me fast enough to the hospital for 19 hours of surgery, where they where able to save me from loosing one arm and one leg, if not my life.
    Three cheers to all the helicopter pilots in the world!
    And one minute of silence for the crew of LN-OOI who lost their life trying to save others

  3. Jean Loup says:

    This photo brings to mind my favorite aircraft: S-39-CS “Spirit of Africa” & S-38-BS “Osa’s Ark” (I have & pilot “Osa’s Ark” in my FS 2004 “Golden Wings” version). Why not name girl company?

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