Holes in the theory

Well, here we continue with the Swiss Cheese Model. I’ve hit upload before I started writing this little blog entry to go along with it, so I better be quick now. Uhm. What else can I write about this subject? Maybe that as a kid I used to live on spread cheese and liver sausage. I was not a big fan of “normal” cheese though. To this day, I still don’t eat it that much. Are there any cheese fetishists among you? If so, what’s your favorite type?

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9 comments on “Holes in the theory
  1. Ahh, holes in cheese…..do you know Gouda cheese often has some holes as well? And recently I have read an article about what is causing the holes. It is tiny particles of hay in the milk that create holes.

  2. Teocali says:

    The ones who makes your hair noses curl… french people here ๐Ÿ™‚
    But even I have my limit, The one who dissolves your ear wax is a bit too much for me… and I will not speak about the Corsican… Smoking is forbidden near these ones…

  3. Jan Olieslagers says:

    I am partial to a bit of cheese after a good dinner, much preferred over the usual sweets, cakes, what not. It is sad to see this tradition slowly disappear, even in France but also in Italy.

    As we all like cartoons here, it is worth mentioning that the reputation of Corsican cheese is confirmed in “Astรฉrix en Corse” – a hilarious scene.

  4. stef says:

    Are the Corsicans the ones with the “Casu Marzu”?

  5. Denton says:

    I’ve been snacking on Babybel’s Original Dutch Edam cheese. Good stuff.

  6. JP Kalishek says:

    My uncle was a master cheese maker. We found Steve’s Cheese in Flowers Wi, is very very close to my uncles, especially the aged Cheddars. I like Cheddars, Colby is alright, Mozzarella is good, and I’ll even do the packaged string cheese knock off. Emmentaler (Jarlsberg when the ‘Taler is not available), Asiago, Provolone yum, and in a dressing or melted on a burger I like Bleu/Blue. I like Dubliner as well. And when in the area of a creamery I do love fresh curds, squeaky & yummy.
    Cheese is my favorite spoiled milk.
    Except cottage cheese, never liked that.

    Chuck’s student reminds me of too many people I’ve dealt with over the years.

  7. Paolo B says:

    stef! nooooo

    the “casu marzu” is a sardinian cheese ( take a look just 10 km south of corsica ๐Ÿ™‚ and it’s a cheese full of …. worm! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Moose says:

    Why do images of an old Monty Python sketch suddenly come to mind?

  9. FotoJunky says:

    Cheese? Well, not maaslander and pretty much any dieet cheese. I used to work a cheese stand at the market in Germany. That will teach you to eat normal cheese instead of dieet cheese.

    I prefer the older kinds of cheese, like old amsterdam. Old, but because it is turned so often, it still retains much of the moisture. Older cheese crumbles most of the time for a very simple reason. When cheese ages, the moisture inside slowly sinks to the lower end and then seeps out. That is why they turn old amsterdam so often.
    But non gouda style cheeses like roque fort, blue d’auvergne are very nice as wel. I am not so fond of cheeses like brie and camenbert.

    So shooting holes in cheeses are we? Well make sure not to shoot holes in Leerdammer. Leerdammer already has so many holes, the center sometimes collapses.

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