Waiting for pushback

While Chuck is waiting for pushback, I am here on the backend of our website doing some changes and maintenance. So far, so good! There is still the occasional glitch though, so please bear with me if you spot something that’s not working as it should.

Oh, and a quick heads up: We’re planning a new contest soon! Stay tuned! We’ll probably start in the next couple of days!

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2 comments on “Waiting for pushback
  1. Waner says:

    For those that love Chicken Wings Comics but aren’t pilots, this is funny ’cause in a 172, you push your own plane back in and out of your hangar.

    I for one laughed my butt off, mostly because of the times I’ve said, “The hardest part of flying is pushing the plane back in the hangar.” and people would laugh, and I would assure them I was serious.

    -As always thanks, for for the chuckle with Chuck

  2. ThisGuy says:


    I always tell people that the sport in gliding is not the flying. It’s in pushing the plane back to the startline after landing. Again and again.. and again….

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