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Jan 3GPS musings
Jan 10Hush, I’m working
Jan 17Jammed controls
Jan 24Coffin corner, it’s a thing
Jan 31Lost for words
Feb 7Roost Air’s Three Main Concerns
Feb 14Substitute checklist
Feb 21Going overboard with paperwork
Feb 28Unrestricted access
Mar 7Is it crash proof?
Mar 14Fancy new GPS
Mar 21Option A or option B
Mar 28Copy this number when you’re ready
Apr 4All controllers are what?
Apr 11How dare you question the captain?
Apr 18Fuel prices
Apr 25Drink responsibly
May 2Aviation photography
May 9Line up and wait
May 16Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
May 24Anonymous customer feedback
May 30Magnetic poles
Jun 6Inflight entertainment
Jun 13Adhering to the checklist
Jun 20NASA form help
Jun 27We have a charter at ten
Jul 4Computer troubles
Jul 11Bird strike
Jul 18Back problems
Jul 25Enough about me …
Aug 1Thanks, chief!
Aug 8Listening to ATC
Aug 15Squirrel strike
Aug 23Brotherhood
Aug 29Looking up
Sep 5If you love something, set it free.
Sep 12Good pilots are hard to find
Sep 20ELT batteries
Sep 27Fueling in a hurry
Oct 4Chuck approaching
Oct 10Chuck’s Civil Air Patrol Missions
Oct 18Daylight Saving Time
Oct 24Crucifix and garlic
Oct 31Not my fault
Nov 7Corsair spaghetti
Nov 15Grounded aircraft
Nov 21Noise cancelling headset
Nov 28Moments in Aviation History: Bubble Canopy
Dec 5Emergency scenarios
Dec 13Rounding Up
Dec 20The weather outside is frightful …
Dec 29A gift for Chuck