Back problems

Although I don’t suffer from back problems like Chuck, my job as a cartoonist definitely involves too much sitting! Either I’m sitting hunched over my drawing table or slouched in front of my computer. But as it turns out, the biggest issue is not my back, but my shoulder and not the pen, but the mouse. I guess I’m in good company, because a lot of jobs have the same conditions nowadays. As much as that’s an issue, it sure beats the physical effects of working the fields or factories in the old days, or even now.

A compounding factor is that I am entering an age where one is not just “in good shape” anymore, but in good shape “for one’s age”, haha! Recently I stumbled across a beach photo from 20 years ago. I am definitely not in THAT shape anymore… Anyway, no reason to complain. Adapt and overcome! 🙂


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2 comments on “Back problems
  1. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    If the mouse is causing you issues – as it does to many – consider switching to a trackball. Don’t look at the cheapos though, what you really want is something with weight and momentum. I have a couple of Logitechs in use, with the mere ball weighing in at 45 grammes.

  2. JPKalishek says:

    I’ve only flown a few times, but I did feel one fairly hard landing. It was a Delta MD-80, and we left Atlanta nearly 15 minutes late for MSY (Louis Armstrong/New Orleans INTL) and once in the air and leveled off, the pilot said “We are going to make up a little bit of time” and we felt a kick in the pants as they accelerated.
    Landing was from the West that day, so we had to go around west of the lake, and the Navy came out of our pilot as he came in hot, I think he may have started the reversers before the gear was actually touching, and we sorta slammed into NOLA, zoomed at probably max ground maneuvering speed off the runway and screamed up to the gate, screeching to a halt. We arrived On Time. Made up 15 minutes in a normally 45 minute flight.

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