Thanks, chief!

I had really nice controllers on my last four-day trip actually. It seems they are very overloaded at the moment (because they are so short staffed) and always really grateful when you help them out. We also had somebody in a small Cessna bust Class B airspace in San Francisco while climbing out of Oakland and they were given a phone number to call. I always feel bad for these guys because it is such a complicated airspace and you are trying to fly and talk and navigate at the same time all by yourself. I feel it’s much easier having two pilots in the cockpit with one just flying and one just monitoring.

This idea actually came from a bar though. We were at a unique little brewery in Durango, Colorado which had just opened and the waiter kept calling everyone “bud” or “boss” or “chief”. Everything was answered “You got it, chief!” and such. At the end they gave us a survey to fill out, and my crew chief, after a couple of beers, wrote “The staff was very nice but they would call all my friends ‘boss’, or ‘buddy’ but would never address me as ‘chief’ …

I guess you had to be there to think this is funny, but it sparked the idea for this comic. You never know where the next inspiration will come from or when, lol.


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One comment on “Thanks, chief!
  1. Number to copy? Chuck already has it on speed dial! 🙂 Calling it is also an item on his checklist (though he unfortunately doesn’t follow those).

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