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Jan 5A gravel mistake
Jan 12Kind of an emergency
Jan 19Extensive shopping list
Jan 26No delaying missions
Feb 2Where there’s software, there are bugs
Feb 9No need for a full preflight
Feb 16There are my calipers!
Feb 23Fly safe! Fly smart!
Mar 2Touch and go
Mar 9Are you sure you’re an air traffic controller?
Mar 16A hypothetical question
Mar 23The best insurance
Mar 31Whose plane?
Apr 6The profit problem
Apr 13Sucker Hole
Apr 20Making an impact
Apr 27Leaving early
May 4Scenes from a Marriage
May 11Annoying Stall Warning Horn
May 18Chuck is late again
May 25Hat trick
Jun 1Pretty standard flight
Jun 8That feeling of being watched
Jun 15Brake check
Jun 22Navigation obstacle
Jun 29North vs. South
Jul 6Uniform, Romeo, Alpha, Quebec, Tango
Jul 13Finetuning the CG
Jul 20The CFI checklist
Jul 27Ancillary revenue
Aug 3Battery problems
Aug 10Wing pylon possibilities
Aug 17Airspeed dropping to zero
Aug 24Check the checklist
Aug 31Overnight inspection
Sep 7Something is missing
Sep 14A tiny technical hiccup
Sep 21Composed, calm, professional
Sep 28Quit playing games
Oct 5Helping with the inventory
Oct 12That’ll buff right out
Oct 19Reinforcement
Oct 26The radio isn’t working
Nov 2Leaf it to Chuck
Nov 9Attracting attention
Nov 16Smoke detectors
Nov 17Fuel tank visual conditions
Nov 18WiFi Password
Nov 19Wine tasting
Nov 20C 172 Nighthawk
Nov 21Persuasion efforts
Nov 22Research and development
Nov 23Speak in a language that people understand
Nov 24Patch collection flight jacket
Nov 25‘Tis but a scratch
Nov 26Good news and bad news
Nov 27Double scratch
Nov 28RC Blimp
Nov 29Chuck’s diagnosis
Nov 30Grievances
Dec 7Telephone sales pitch
Dec 14Shoveling snow off the hangar
Dec 21Decorating
Dec 28Top Gun Influence