Wine tasting

While we make fun of the subject, we do realize that this is serious business. Yet, we’re not in the “serious business” business, LOL.
As pilot, your career is pretty much over if you get popped for a DUI and they do have random checks at the gate for airline pilots. There seems to be some sort of a pattern of pilots bound for the US get popped and arrested in Scotland before they take off on their flight. Google it. It happened more than once during the last couple of years. Must be the whiskey there or something.

On a lighter note, though, because of these issues, there are many rules charter and airline operators have to follow. They include a “random drug and alcohol test” program. The funny part about this is, these rules do not exclude single pilot operators. I know a guy, who is pretty much a one-man show and he told me how hilarious it was to deal with the FAA trying to set up his single pilot operator drug test program. What came out of the whole thing was that essentially, he had to find a way to surprise himself with a random drug test. I thought that was really funny …


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4 comments on “Wine tasting
  1. Fbs says:

    Love this one. I’m late of a day, but I just had my own alcohol test today. Yesterday was Beaujolais day…

  2. Did the FAA endorse his magic 8-ball method of doing a test when it said “Outlook not so good” ??? 🙂

  3. rwill says:

    Back in the ’80s when they started random testing, I was the only employee at our FBO at that time. I thought great I’m the one to be tested every time. But it then only applied to companies with multiple employees.

  4. Bruce says:

    One would think pilots would be smart enough to avoid driving (and flying) it they have had too much to drink. Sadly, I know some cases proving that isn’t always true. I love some wine with dinner, and occasionally enjoy a sip of some good whisky. This is only done at the end of the day when I will remain home.

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