Wing pylon possibilities

I side with Chuck here on this one. Wing pylons give you endless possibilities! The only downside is the drag, kinda like a luggage rack on the top of your car.

Speaking of luggage racks. I just came back from vacation with the wife and kids and our rooftop cargo box was jam-packed to the last inch. Or rather to the last centimeter, because it’s a European box. When I think back to the trips we made when my brother and I were just little kids, I wonder how my parents managed to get all the luggage into just the trunk. But times were different back then. We would also climb all over the backseat without a seatbelt.

Anyway, I guess I’ll never get used to the word “aluminum”, haha. But we decided on American English for this comic, so that’s that.


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7 comments on “Wing pylon possibilities
  1. Grant McHerron says:

    Never had luggage pods on the roof racks but our car did get bigger every few years to accommodate the extra stuff we had to pack into it đŸ™‚
    Meanwhile, yes, AL-YOU-MIN-EE-UMM for me, thanks đŸ™‚

  2. Robert Maier says:

    Google Piper PA-48

  3. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    About Al: in Dutch many are too lazy to spell it out in full, and will suffice with “een plaatje alu van een millimeter of anderhalf of zo” or “prima met een alu winkelhaak van 2 maal 2 maal 20”. Works, actually. So no real discussion about “aluminum” “aluminium”.

    About chaff: as usual I am on Julio’s side, only he ought to be more rigid – he should have made Chuck eat the full bag instead of just covering him with it.

  4. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    And about rooftop boxes on cars: of course anyone _really_ concerned about greenhouse gasses doesn’t drive a car at all, nor even thinks about flying, or about being flown. But if compromises must be made (as most of us must, or prefer to think we must), a rooftop box on a car is a very poor one – the smallest of trailers will carry more, with much less extra fuel burn. And you do realise that fuel burn is directly linearly related to CO2 emission, don’t you?

  5. Fbs says:

    Worse than pa48, the french rallye

    They added pylons (and also a bigger engine, 235 hp when the basic version has only 100), and this thing was sold – and did ! – for fight. You can find pictures on the internet….(Google rallye guerrier)

  6. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Ah, why single out the Rallye, which is out-of-production long since? The same has happened and continues to happen to so many designs – beginning with the Bo-208’s flown in Biafra in the 1960’s. Several US’an cropdusters came into view, too, quite understandably.

  7. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    And by the way, one successor type to the Rallye, the Robin DR400, is doing quite well as a club aircraft but also as a glider tug, with quite powerful engines, too. Once a stable and reliable airframe is available, it will be offered for sale in all possible roles and configurations. It’s a free market, you know?

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