Whose plane?

I guess by that logic, the bank owns most of my house. Which is fine. I remain hopeful that I’ll own it one day if things go well. But a friend of mine asked the following question the other day: “Do we really ever own anything nowadays? You think you own your property? Try not paying property taxes for a few months and see.” It’s a pretty scary thought actually.

On charter aircraft, the FAA likes to know who owns the aircraft. Their main concern is who has what they call “operational control” of the aircraft. Knowing who dispatched the aircraft, who’s in charge, and who’s flying it does make sense. Especially if things don’t go well. As we all know, the FAR’s are all written in blood.

In Roost-Air’s case, I doubt Hans owns a significant portion of the aircraft. I bet they are all mortgaged to the hilt. But hey, at least they are insured against alien abduction now, lol. I also doubt Hans has the majority of “operational control” in his own charter business. Maybe on paper, but that’s about it. We all know who runs the show at Roost Air …


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3 comments on “Whose plane?
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    happily for me, my house loan came from my 401(k) so I owe me for my house. Also I should be done paying myself in a few months.
    All I got to do then is keep the taxes paid.

  2. Rwill says:

    I paid off my mortgage pretty quickly. I practically lived off my savings while I dumped my pay into the loan. So I had to scrimp a little for awhile, but on the plus side I saved around 60 thousand in interest over paying it off as scheduled.

  3. mike o says:

    i rent 🙁

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