There are my calipers!

Isn’t it funny how your tools are always “at the last place you look”? It’s probably because once you found what you were looking for, you quit looking. It’s a weird expression for sure.

I like how Chuck has his calipers “underneath” his big hammer and the torque wrench. And I am using the term “his” very freely here. I am pretty sure most of these tools belong to Julio actually.

Not sure how much longer these calipers will be accurate. Of course, if they are the calipers Hans used for the sink,then that boat has long sailed already anyways.

It is kind of surprising how Julio is able to keep these planes flying with so many things working against him. He truly is my hero. Speaking of Julio, have you guys seen all the 3D renditions our reader Carsten came up with recently. They’re posted on our Patreon page.


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