Fly safe! Fly smart!

Fly safe, guys! Is anyone still flying even? I hear so little flying adventure stories from anybody nowadays. Could be the frigid temperatures that have been gripping the US lately …

My company has decided not to do a lot of overseas work because it got so complicated, so I’m doing more sitting than usual this year as well.

Speaking of flying and adventures; Some of you might know we also make and sell patches (especially in our US webshop) and last year was a bad year for new patches because there were no airshows. That’s where most of them get sold and they give squadrons a reason to make more and earn some money on the side. It is looking like this year will see a lot of shows getting cancelled yet again.

What have you guys heard? I’m assuming “Sun ‘n Fun” is still on since Florida is not much into the shut-down thing. Any news on Oshkosh this year? Miramar? Nellis?

The European Show “Aero” we love to go to was re-scheduled for the summer. Bad timing for me personally, because I’m usually pretty busy fighting fires in the summer. But we’ll keep an eye on the situation.


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3 comments on “Fly safe! Fly smart!
  1. Harro Nehlsen says:

    Due to the shutdown in Germany and bad weather there wasn’t any flying at least for me!
    But I will this weekend, to relax and to get ready for the upcoming season.
    Wish you all many happy landings, 😎

  2. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    If the Aero is held at all in 2021, I cannot see it happening in summer. Best bet would be September-October. But I’d not be suprised to see it cancelled altogether.
    Mind you, this is gut feeling, not based on any factual information.

  3. Grant McHerron says:

    Australia has banned citizens departing until at least Jun/Jul this year. At this stage we’d still need a 2 week mandatory “you pay” quarantine in a hotel room after we return so I doubt I’m going anywhere until 2022 🙁

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