I am not entirely sure where this idea comes from, but there have been days where things just don’t go my way and not even being in the air fixes my mood. So, I’m gonna venture a guess and say, this could be from a conversation with one of my co-pilots. I’ve had some pretty funny guys fly with me over the years.

My worst “crying baby” story was actually going on a flight to see my brother with my wife. LAX at the time had a Japanese restaurant, but outside of security. So, we always made sure we hit that before we go inside back when I was living near LA. And here we are, not at the gate, just at this restaurant outside of the secure area having some ramen and a beer. We are watching this family at the next table over with twins who appeared to be almost school age though. But these two boys were just tearing things up, pushing chairs around (you know, the annoying way, where they make the most noise screeching across the floor), terrorizing their parents and other guests, being loud, both fighting for attention, the whole gambit …
Still in high spirits and at the beginning of our travel adventure, we looked at each other and said “Those poor saps who will have to sit next to these kids on the plane!”. Well, you probably guessed by now who those poor saps ended up being …

I actually had the whole story written down for you guys, but at the end I realized that I sound just as bad as Chuck in the strip. So, I decided to erase the rest of this story again, HAHA!
Instead, I will actually end it with a positive tale about flying with kids. My little girl was always the best flyer! I remember I even brought thousands of games and books, and had an exact plan on how to dole them out, to keep her entertained. Mind you, this was before smart phones and video games which made it a lot harder. Yet, this kid fell asleep for hours on literally every flight. Not sure why that was, but there was no need to really find out as long as this was how it worked. I was truly blessed in that respect and I still really appreciate it.


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