Are you sure you’re an air traffic controller?

I guess Chuck’s perception of air traffic controllers might be a little skewed. But such is life: We all have our perspectives from which some people look like villains, and probably we as villains to them. Chuck definitely enjoys villain status among air traffic controlles! The controllers I have met were all perfectly normal and nice people. Although they do seem to tend towards being meticulous personalities. Which is a good thing, I guess!


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4 comments on “Are you sure you’re an air traffic controller?
  1. Karl Winters says:

    Alternate ending: “Chuck, is that you?”

  2. M Mitchell Marmel says:

    “Is that YOU, Chuck?”

  3. DeanRW says:

    ATC: «Before the chicken crows, Chuck, you will fail to recognize me three times». And vice versa. Both perceive each other as some kind of evil, metaphysical entity.

  4. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Y’all must be living and flying in a queer sub-partition. Over here in little Belgium, I have always found the people “at the other end of the line” very helpful and very able and very professional. And when all that left a bit of room, some were quite willing to offer a bit of a smile, usually quite tongue in cheek. And mind you, we are a small country with complicated airspace and many points and rules to take care of. I always believed North America to have much more room in the skies and thus less stress in communications – bar of course a few busy places like around New York, or southern California. Oh wait, southern California is where Roost Air operates, right?

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