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Jan 1Awesome new snowblower
Jan 6Pilot vs. mechanic preflight
Jan 15Civil Air Patrol
Jan 20Turn to a heading of 120
Jan 22What time is it?
Jan 25Skymaster with rocket launchers
Feb 1What did you break this time?
Feb 3Flying low is awesome!
Feb 5The FAA is here to help
Feb 15The EAA and fine arts
Feb 17Why fly gliders?
Feb 22Tight landing strip
Feb 26Technicalese
Mar 1Runway ten
Mar 5I’m leaking oil
Mar 10Useless trash
Mar 12Accident waiting to happen
Mar 17Looking for the pilot
Mar 19Trouble with the contacts
Mar 22Voices from the hangar
Mar 26Itsy bitsy spider
Mar 31It sure is foggy
Apr 2A challenge for Julio
Apr 5Perfect weather to wash the planes
Apr 9Why won’t you move?
Apr 12Twin Otter Inspection
Apr 14We need a new magneto
Apr 16Let me make your day
Apr 19A day in the life…
Apr 21Drug test
Apr 23Range extension bottle
Apr 26Can you fly float planes?
Apr 28Temporal orientation
Apr 30Don’t drop the…
May 3Things to consider on a helicopter landing
May 7Moody and selfish
May 19The Dark Baron
May 24Chuck meets the Tumbling Bear
May 26Bear with me
Jun 2Spot the difference
Jun 7A painful mistake
Jun 9Flight sim fun
Jun 14How to become a pilot
Jun 18Better and safer
Jun 23Turn the nose into the wind
Jun 25Extra power needed
Jun 28Island in the sun
Jun 30Casual Friday
Jul 3Casual Friday II
Jul 5Misunderstood FAA inspectors
Jul 9Shortcut
Jul 12Going to space
Jul 16Rocket Team Orion
Jul 19Rocket secret
Jul 21A truly free aviator
Jul 23The wing fell off
Jul 28Duck!
Jul 30No planes flying low
Aug 6Fly like you’ve never flown before!
Aug 9Engine and glider
Aug 13Fly like the wind!
Aug 16Hello, my name is Chuck!
Aug 20Random drug test
Aug 27Twenty-second airborne division
Aug 30A quick decision
Sep 1Piston
Sep 10Natural atrophy
Sep 13Leonardo’s flying machines
Sep 15Excellent hearing
Sep 17Not checked out on this machine
Oct 1Chuck is accepted to EAA
Oct 4London tower, are you there?
Oct 15Gobbledygook
Oct 20Lucky wrench
Oct 22Best landing ever
Oct 25Zombie Julio
Nov 1True love
Nov 3F4U Corsair
Nov 5First parts for the Corsair
Nov 8Mind melting
Nov 10Chuck showing off his project
Nov 12The other planes
Nov 15Priming the stabilizer
Nov 17New corsair seat
Nov 19No more oil dripping
Nov 22A crack in the stabilizer
Dec 1Look and think ahead
Dec 3Let’s buzz the tower
Dec 8First Amendment Right
Dec 10Glasses and carrots
Dec 13How to talk to management
Dec 24Christmas hugs
Dec 31Did you say something?