No more oil dripping

Actually, a lot of problems *do* go away if you wait a little while. I use this tactic sometimes in real life, although it takes some kind of discernment to tell the appropriate cases from the inappropriate ones.

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7 comments on “No more oil dripping
  1. Leyla says:

    Is there a mistake on the left? “… no more more …” Or shall it be like this?

  2. stef says:

    Oops! Again! We should really hire an editor!

    Or should I rather hire a masseuse? Or buy a learjet? Decisions, decisions…

  3. Andrew says:

    Maybe “more more” means that there is not more oil dripping than usual.

  4. England says:

    Don’t worry Stef, humans make mistakes, however by the time I was able to log on today you had corrected the mistake. For you already have editors, there us, all the fans of Chicken Wings.

    Incidently, if Chuck is worried about the engine in the Cessna leaking oil, my human daddy and Sophie who looks after me, would be worried and call in the vet if they did not have to muck out my box every morning. So Julio has it easy, just one drip (with no direct reference to Chuck “nod, nod wink, wink”) tray to clean – every now and then.

  5. Speedsix says:

    Flat opposed engines are said to be fairly harmless when it comes to leaking oil. Inverted in line engines must be another thing: How did they say about the DH Gipsy engine? If it dont drip there is no oil in it…

  6. Rich Woods says:

    Try looking after four Rolls Royce Griffons… I’m sure they’re built with ventilation holes somewhere in the crankcase. No matter how much I clean up, theres always some oil leaking out the bottom of the cowlings the next time I walk out to the aircraft.

  7. Jupiter says:

    Indeed, we’ve got a Gipsy Major Mk. I in our aircraft, which has this exact same problem. If it doesn’t leak oil, the oil tank’s empty…

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