Best landing ever

This one goes out to all the flight students out there! We know that we have quite a few among our fans. We sincerely hope that you’re not cursed with a flight instructor like Chuck though! But if you are, send us your stories!

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10 comments on “Best landing ever
  1. England says:

    Stef, can us horses also add our comments about our riders?

  2. stef says:

    Sure you can! But how do you type with your hooves?

  3. England says:

    Easy, some of us have extra large keyboards, while others use a bite- no pun intended, of straw between our teeth to type our message, just like a human using one finger to type.

  4. England says:

    I was thinking of food again, for bite read bit. Or am I becoming a computer geek, which must be a first in the equine world. Oh I am a clever horse!

  5. Meganite says:

    Actually… my flight instructor’s NAME is Chuck, but he’s actually a good pilot, so I’m almost hesitant to send him these comics! But this one is pretty much how I felt on my first good landings, big grin and everything! 😀

  6. JKelley says:

    Oh dear Lord. Chuck is a CFI?

  7. D.Durand says:

    Worst ! comic ! ever !

    I come to read a webcomic on planes, and i got sci-fi !

  8. mike says:

    @ D.Durand: you consider Chuck being a CFI sci-fi ??
    Maybe you’re on to something….

  9. Laviator says:

    Well done face expressions, both of them. You “got it.” That shine tells a story, like, somebody got a complement and feels real good about it!

  10. D.Durand says:

    Somebody believing Chuck able to land properly is not sci-fi enough for you ?! (CFI mean probably something, but i’m not english, then…).

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