What time is it?

It’s been a while since we first posted this strip on our old website, along with an explanation of the term “zulu time” in our pilot lingo encyclopedia. Boy, we didn’t know what we were in for! We didn’t get the explanation quite right and so we were flooded with emails from people explaning to us where the term comes from, that there is a difference bewteen Greenwich time and UTC etc. etc., so we kept continually updating the definition for at least a week. In the end, we shortened it again at the risk of being only 99% accurate. After all, we’re not Encyclopedia Britannica here, we just want to give people a quick explanation of aviation terms in order to get the joke…

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One comment on “What time is it?
  1. ROBOT says:

    Ah, yes, falling asleep listening to the shortwave radio: ‘pinnng-pinnng-pinnng-BONG- Five Hours, Thirty Nine Minutes, Coordinated Universal Time -pinnng-pinnng-pinnng….’

    I just stumbled on this comic strip and I HAD to read the entire archives. I’m not involved with aviation in any way, but, I ‘get’ it. Very well-drawn and well-written! Pro├čit! :]

    ps: Have you ever landed a plane on the AUTOBAHN?

    =K R A F T W E R K=
    Ve arr ze ROBOTS und ve fokking rule.

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