Casual Friday II

Holy Guacamole! So here I am browsing my own website, when I discover that the latest strip wasn’t uploaded! I pre-uploaded it last Friday, because I was gone on Saturday, and then didn’t check on it anymore. Well, I guess I forgot to actually hit the “upload” button or something.

Since nobody seemed to notice, I guess we can cancel the Saturday updates from now on… 😉

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2 comments on “Casual Friday II
  1. Parou says:

    We notice… we just don’t like to hassle…. we trust you’ll sort it all out eventually…

  2. JimBob says:

    We just wanted to leave you a nice, Casual Friday type of holiday weekend rather than doing the usual pilot thing: Whining about not getting enough free stuff on time…. But hey, it made July 4th an even more special day by getting an extra ChickenWings and that means that this week is going to be a fantastic week with as many as 4 strips in one week.

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