Misunderstood FAA inspectors

I am not sure how much I can say to this strip without hurting my position at my day job 😉

Of course this one is totally invented and FAA inspectors and operators work together very closely and professionally to make aviation a safer place for everybody. And of course politics and budgets never get in the way when it comes to operating aircraft safely and efficiently. And of course the FAR’s are totally written for pilots and mechanics to guide them while doing their job and help them without overwhelming them with paperwork…

Ok, let’s see some stories and opinions!

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3 comments on “Misunderstood FAA inspectors
  1. JKelley says:

    Just one thing to say…

    “Hi! I’m from Washington, and I’m here to help!”

    Yeah. Right. I’ve been through way too much of that over the years (worst of it is with the IRS.)

  2. Matte says:

    You know, you could make the exact same strip and comments with some nuclear engineers and a nuclear inspector (NRC or any national equivalent), I know a lot of people who would laugh. I could even send it to some inspectors I know…

  3. Louis says:

    Another one I’ve heard: “Transport Canada – We’re not happy ’til you’re not happy.”

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