Can you fly float planes?

This one was inspired during my time in Alaska. I love float planes! One day I will get my rating just so I can say I have it. But I don’t think I will ever own one. I owned a boat before and I worked on airplanes. I can only imagine how much work a combination of the two will be….
Btw, I really love Chucks line in the first panel! It’s so typical Chuck, isn’t it?! Bigger than life! 😉

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2 comments on “Can you fly float planes?
  1. Fabo says:

    Shouldnt that be four stars out of four? 🙂

  2. Matt Decker says:

    It’s an awesome experience to fly a float plane and land on the water. Gives you a lot more options for emergency landing field ;). The only big maintenance that I remember from the Top Cub that I flew was lubing the landing gear because you have to use a special type that can handle being in the water for extended periods.

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