6 comments on “Temporal orientation
  1. Louis says:

    Don’t they have a fleet of identically painted C-172s so that Julio always has one to work on no matter the story? 😉

    (You could always have Julio going through logs and manuals or looking for parts in some shelves, and didn’t Hans buy that fixer upper Twin Otter, what ever became of that? Doesn’t Roost Air have a helicopter or two? Maybe some private owners could get their maintenance done at Roost Air?)

  2. b-lint says:

    considering how Chuck is flying that bird, it is no wonder that Julio has got a safe job even in these days

  3. Fabo says:

    Well, Chuck flies it from time to time… combine that and maybe it is just one of “those” ships…. and maybe it is not broken, it is just always in the hangar so Julio can pretend to work…

  4. Allstar says:

    Can’t be a fleet of identical 172’s, Chuck is always using the same callsign (Three Bravo Tango).

  5. Thordalf says:

    Like the “little roosters” sign in the WC’s door.

  6. Charles says:

    Ha, a regular guy. He goes to the little rooster’s room at 9:10 everyday.

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