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First transatlantic passenger flight

First transatlantic passenger flight

First transatlantic passenger flight

For our spin-off series “Moments in Aviation History”, we do a lot of historical research. We usually don’t research very deeply, but rather skim topics on the surface in the hope of finding something that we can turn into a

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Invention of the floatplane

I wonder if more inventions were born out of economic or other necessity (toilet paper?), out of the right combination of laziness with intelligence (TV remote), by mistake (the slinky) or out of the sheer drive to greatness (as would

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Float plane rating

One of the ratings I have always wanted to get for myself but have never been able to “get around to” so far is a float plane rating. I’m not even exactly sure why I want it so bad but

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Can you fly float planes?

This one was inspired during my time in Alaska. I love float planes! One day I will get my rating just so I can say I have it. But I don’t think I will ever own one. I owned a

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