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Meet Clarence

Have you guys seen or read the news about which emotional support animal will be allowed on a specific airline lately? Apparently Southwest Airlines started restricting them to one cat, dog, or miniature horse only. With news like these, our

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Safety briefs

I know very few people who like giving passenger briefings. I also rarely see anybody paying attention inside the airliner as well. But Maybe they’re all seasoned flyers already. Not sure if you guys followed the helicopter crash landing in

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First passenger crossing the Atlantic

I wonder what that must have been like, crossing the Atlantic in one of those old, rickety planes. Although back then, they weren’t old, but state of the art, of course. But so were ocean clippers, viking boats and pretty

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The first airline

I don’t know how many of you are aware that we have something of a “spin off” series from Chicken Wings, called “Moments in Aviation History”. We rarely ever put any strips on our website, but Mike sends some of

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