Airline management

Sorry for the late upload, folks! While Mike is busy fighting fires somewhere, I was busy fighting a big IKEA closet with mirror doors yesterday. I won, in the end, but it was a close call and the whole thing was way more laborious to erect than I thought.

Anyway, to today’s strip … I’m sure no airline manager has uttered the words “Seems I didn’t hire enough people this month” recently. That’s a hint right there, that should have given away that Chuck is just playing a game. But we drew this comic before the whole covid thing hit, so it made more sense back then. And I hope that at a later point, when people browse through our archives, people will not even notice that inconsistency.

Don’t you all look forward to the day when you’re sitting together with friends or family, having a drink. Then somebody says, “remember that corona virus thing?” and everyone looks down at their drink, sighs and says “yeah… sure glad THAT’s over!”. I sure do!

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One comment on “Airline management
  1. Bernd says:

    Strangely enough, even though we work in aerospace, we are still hiring 🙂

    Speaking of the pandemic, currently it doesn’t look too good. But I frequently imagine a time in the future when COVID-19 is just a collective memory, like the World Trade Center attacks, and then, even later, becomes history to almost everyone, like World War 2, and our great-grandchildren only have second-hand memories (“Remember when grandpa talked about the Corona Lockdown?”).

    But current studies indicate that immunity may not always be complete and even in the best cases may only last for 6 months or so. What that means for a vaccine is anyone’s guess, but it doesn’t sound very encouraging.

    It may become as impossible to eradicate as the common cold or the flu, or HIV.

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