Airline management 2

Back in the day, when Mike and I were still kids, we used to play this game called “Airline” on our computer. At least, that’s what I think it was called. I tried to google it, but all I found was “Airline” from 1982, which sounds too old, and “Airlines” from 1994, which sounds too recent.

Also, when I say “our” computer, I mean our dad’s computer. I don’t remember the exact date he got it, but I vividly remember the day we got our very first, very own personal computer in the house. It was a “286” with MS DOS as an operating system. An we even got a 9 needle printer! It must have been around 1990. I don’t exactly remember, if that game ran on the very first computer, which, if I remember correctly, didn’t even have a mouse. Probably was on the next one. It’s amazing how foggy my memory is. But then, that’s all 30 years in the past.

Anyway, I can totally understand Chuck’s fascination with that kind of game! Although I refrain from installing any game on my computer, because I know how vulnerable I am to these kind of distractions in the office …


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  1. Magnoire says:

    My first computer was a Commodore 64. You had to enter your own code and it ran on a cassette tape. I didn’t get another one until Daddy bought a 486 to play his remote controlled airplane simulator. He had the joysticks to mimic a controller. When the airplane flew off too far, it played “Wild Blue Yonder”.

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