F4U Corsair

This is a bit of a travel back in time, because this strip is one of the first ones we came up with and was published in our first book. I think you can see how my drawing style has changed (and as I hope, improved) over the years. It’s the logical follow up after last Tuesday’s strip though.

On another note: A reader recently pointed out to us that it’s not “F4-U Corsair”, but “F4U Corsair”. We were shocked to find out he was right! We’ve been writing the name of Chuck’s favorite airplane wrong for all these years! Actually, we’re surprised that nobody has noticed this before, because usually we get most of our mistakes or inaccuracies pointed out by readers.

Well, I’ve changed it in this strip, but I don’t know if it will be possible to retroactively repair all the other strips we had so far. Certainly not the ones in our books!

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3 comments on “F4U Corsair
  1. reynard61 says:

    Actually, I *did* notice that; but I thought that it was just a typo.

  2. England says:

    Well, if I can’t eat a Corsair, I could muzzle up and share my paddock with to a Mustang.

  3. Speedsix says:

    Better watch out: Some Mustangs can be real spitfires, especially if the next hurricane comes along. 😀

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