True love

It’s November! And although it’s dreary and foggy outside (at least when I look out of my office window right now), it is a very special month for us! Because ten years ago, in November of 2001, the idea of Chicken Wings was born.

So we’re going to celebrate a bit this month! We thought we’d kick it off with uploading some strips with Chuck’s F4U Corsair Quest (a popular request) and by having a photo contest.

And, as many of you probably already heard, we’ve minted an absolutely awesome looking commemorative coin for the occasion, the Silver Chicken! If you haven’t heard, please check it out in our blog!

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9 comments on “True love
  1. Kilrah says:

    For some reason I was already thinking of the Corsair at the 3rd panel… 😀

  2. D.Durand says:

    Then it’s how that started…. Mmh… Do we know if Chuck finished “her” ? With the four MGs ?

  3. England says:

    Is F4-U next speak for Food For You?

  4. England says:

    We horses can’t see in front of our noses, my last post should have read “Is F4-U “text” speak for Food For You? “ Incidently is Corsair a vegetable, and if so, does it go in ones hay net or in my food bowl

  5. Laviator says:

    Aeronautical limerence

  6. Sandy says:

    Did you notice in the third panel that ’emotions’ is spelled incorrectly as ’emations’?

  7. stef says:

    Son of a gun! How did that happen? I just looked it up and this typo is not in the book!

  8. Argus says:

    Sure it isn’t a F1G?

  9. Ryan says:

    And so the journey began of chuck building his own F4U Corsair.

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