Rocket Team Orion

The rocket building guys from “Orion Project II” SLI approached us the other day about including them in one of our strips. “Rocket Building you say, ey?” was our answer. We had never thought about Chuck venturing out into the rocket world but we were already laughing at the mere idea of mixing Chuck with rockets. After some thinking and narrowing down hundreds of brain-storm ideas we actually came up with a mini-series (yeah, duh, I know, you already might know by now) and were able to include them as well.

Check out their website especially if you’re a youngster interested in rockets yourself or a parent of a kid that likes a challenge such as launching rockets. It’s a great hobby I am sure where you can also learn a lot. You can meet the Orion Prohect guys at Oshkosh this year, where I will be as well btw!! I will brief you on where and when shortly!

The timing on the rocket strips was also great since this week marks the last EVER mission of the Space Shuttle program. As a kid who practically grew up with this program this is a pretty sad event. I wish they could spend a little less money on war and a little more on exploring space. But once again, nobody asked me.

Anyways, this blog is getting to a size where statistics show it’s too long for many people to take the time and read it so I will stop! More on Tuesday!

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9 comments on “Rocket Team Orion
  1. David T-G says:

    1) Yes, great strip and thread!
    2) Boob Hoover? Is that a female pilot, or Bob’s not-very-smart brother? 😉

  2. Fabo says:

    Boob Hoover, Mike? 😀

  3. Antonious says:

    Have you checked out what SpaceX is up to? I think they are the front runners for replacing NASA in the Earth to Orbit launch service capacity. Their Falcon rockets and Dragon payload capsule are outstanding.

  4. mike says:

    Aww damn! Not sure where my mind was when we wrote that 😉
    Actually, Stef is the one who puts the final version in the speech booble butt I should have checked it. Totally read over it. We’ll fix it. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. DZ says:

    I think David should win some swag for spotting an error!!

  6. Gotta hate it when you make a boob-oo & it gets past quality checking 🙂

    Great news that you’ll be at Oshkosh. I’ll be there too for my first ever one as we managed to pick up sponsorship to get us there (us = Steve & I from Plane Crazy Down Under).

    Looking forward to catching up!

  7. Cpt Blade says:

    Boob Hoover… hehe. Seriously though, he’s an excellent pilot.

  8. Geoff says:

    Bob Hoover…amazing pilot – pouring iced tea into a glass while doing a roll and not spilling a drop.

  9. stef says:

    Haha! Best typo ever!! I apologize! Maybe Freud *was* right…. Thanks for pointing it out!!

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