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The Bachem Ba 349 “Natter”

At one point we will compile a selection of strips that were rejected or got us in trouble otherwise. This one here would make the list, because it was rejected for being a bit too macabre. I can remember at

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Rocket secret

So Chuck has discovered one of the little trade secrets of rocketry from the Orion Rocket Team it seems. I’m sure there are a handful more such things to consider when you build a rocket. I imagine that the only

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Rocket Team Orion

The rocket building guys from “Orion Project II” SLI approached us the other day about including them in one of our strips. “Rocket Building you say, ey?” was our answer. We had never thought about Chuck venturing out into the

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Going to space

Hear hear! Will Chuck indeed go where no chicken has gone before? Which raises an interesting question. Has there ever been a chicken in space? We know about monkeys, dogs and lab rats, but I haven’t heard of a chicken

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